Description for Hermes Bearn Gusset Wallet Orchid

Brand: Hermes sale
Series: Hermes Wallets
Color: Orchid
Material: Luxurious Leather
Hardware: Silver
Measurements: (W)18×(H)10×(D)1.5cm
Accompanied by the original Hermes: Box

Give a touch of elegant feel in a glamorous evening look with this out-of-the-line Hermes Bearn Gusset Wallet Orchid. Obviously done in bright orchid shade, this Hermes inspired wallet is designed with the palladium ’H’ tab closure for a more stunning look. Now it’s time for you to invest on these well-designed Hermes wallets so you’ll always be ready for any fabulous-looking over-all outfit in case you get invited to any evening occasions every so often.

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