Description for Hermes Birkin 42Cm Togo Leather Handbags Coffee Gol

"The Hermes Birkin Handbags always look so fabulous, timeless style.come on ,with
this Hermes Birkin bags you will be fashion at this season and SO PERFECT for

but chic enough for to wear as an elegant evening purse too!
- Hermes Paris made in France embossed on front under the ""flap""
- 100% Genuine leather Exquisite high-grade metal fittings
- Hermes Paris embossed on the hardware
- 4 protective palladium feet at the bottom
- One zip pocket interior
This Hermes Togo Leather Hermes Birkin bags 42CM Handbags coffee golden

Hardware Size: W42cm*H20cm*D23cm
with: Hermes lock,keys,clochette,sleepers,care booklet,rain protection,tags and
copy of the genuine receipt from an official Hermes store."

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