Description for Hermes Stirrup Mini Top Handle Blue Orange Yellow Bag

    Fine leather lining with interior one zipped pocket, double gussetsHermes lock, keys, Hermes authenticity card, Hermes tags, Hermes dust bag and Hermes care booklet.Single leather top handleLeather tag detailingGold-tone hardware piecesPress snap closureSize: W27 x H24 x D11.5cm (1"" = 2.54cm)Detachable leather shoulder strapTop quality calf leather

    Hermes Stirrup Mini Top Handle Blue&Orange&Yellow Bag with timeless Blue color and simple design definitely attracts more and more people to purchase. The soft grained Calf Leather allows for using for year after year. Our Pandora Luxury Bags Online Store keeps releasing new styles with big discount and fast free delivery to your door.


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