Description for Hermes Stirrup Mini Top Handle Green Yellow Rosy Bag

    Single leather top handleDetachable leather shoulder strapHermes lock, keys, Hermes authenticity card, Hermes tags, Hermes dust bag and Hermes care booklet.Press snap closureGold-tone hardware piecesSize: W27 x H24 x D11.5cm (1"" = 2.54cm)Fine leather lining with interior one zipped pocket, double gussetsLeather tag detailingTop quality calf leather

    Hermes Stirrup Mini Top Handle Green&Yellow&Rosy Bag is known by its Green color. It has roomy capacity for holding accessories and essentials. The unique design and chic style of Hermes Outlet Top Handle make it more popular. Its chic style and unique design make it fashion, the classic popular forever.


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